Condo Item Snap

After looking at Siziwager’s wonderful Canvas Images, I got this idea.

I think a great feature to be implemented into the Condo System would Item Snapping. If you had multiple canvas’s for example, it’d be nice to be able to snap them up along the edges in a “snap-to-grid” option. Granted, this would be an building option, not a forced feature, but for those that really want neat lines and things, I think people would benefit from this being added.


Yes please. I would really like this to make a giant Tv image out of canvases. Great idea :wink:

This feels just straight up necessary. Possibly more so than anything in the Suggestions category.

As GMT already has a snap-to-grid option (holding C while dragging an item; grid size can be changed in settings), it probably will be implemented later on.

I actually forgot about that, but you are right.

I hope they do port the Condo Snapping tools and make it a little more adjustable. I never really tried GMT ones, but I suppose that one works fine. It would be really helpful if we had that and a bit more control.

I also forgot about item snapping in the current Tower, but I hope that it can be adjusted in some way (for instance, angle snapping so you can make curved canvases and things like that)