Condo Issues / What can be done to self-optimize condos?

So i’m working on a pretty big project in Smooth Dirt. I haven’t even placed too many items yet, however most items are canvases for custom textures. I’m building custom buildings and using the default and custom textures throughout this process.

I have a friend who keeps de-syncing. He isn’t getting any lag, but he can’t interact with items due to the de-sync. In my perspective, he’ll be standing still at the spawn location even though he’s actually moving around and trying to do things.

What workarounds / means of self-optimizing condos is there? Do image resolutions make a difference for textures and loading times? Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone!

Avoid using canvas textures that are larger than 1024x1024 (2048x2048 if the image is meant to be view large scale).

Try to repeat usage of canvases if you can, as using the same image will only load one version of that image.

Try to also lessen the amount of walls used as well.

Try setting an FPS cap. Unreal 4.18 (engine version we are using) has a bug where if you have high FPS you can cause de-syncs for clients. We’re working on a fix for this right now.

I should mention also that these are just suggestions. We’re working behind the scenes to make the condo loading a better experience and reducing de-sync issues.


This is excellent information, thanks, Mac! I had a suspicion that resolution could solve some issues, so i’ll downsize! Are the default textures in TU also at this resolution, or are smaller textures better advised for larger builds?

Good to hear about condo loading times. Might I add a suggestion if it hasn’t already been addressed (while we’re talking about this), would be to add a percentage or loading bar somewhere to give feedback on how much of the condo is loaded / needs to be loaded. Not sure how tough this would be, but it could help in managing expectations for larger builds.

Thanks again, Mac!

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