Condo: Improvements to Notebooks

Currently, notebooks are a little lacking and could use some polish.

There needs to be a sensible character limit on the title field, because otherwise the title text will eventually overflow on the model regardless of its scale and any excess gets cut off in the UI once it fits the width of the screen.

999 characters in the body field is a bit restrictive because if you have a lot to write, and you soon find that you quickly run out of space. To address this, I suggest either increasing the character limit or splitting strings of text longer than 999 characters across multiple pages.

Lastly, I would like to see simple formatting codes so that we can write text that is in bold, italicised, and/or underlined. Maybe even in colour too if possible.

Yes please, the notebook is one of those features that was implemented and barely touched since… and it shows.

My biggest issue with the Notebooks is actually editing the thing. The default edit UI does not work for the Notebook, it would greatly benefit from allowing us to type directly onto the page instead.
There’s also limitations in the lack of visual variety… there really needs to be a few more book items (such as a message in a bottle, normal book, grimoire, etc).