[CONDO I/O] Switch and Dial Modules and Multi-Switches

Ok, so, this has probably been suggested before, but I just wanted to throw the idea down:

For Condo I/O, we need Multi-Switches, or Multiple-Output Switches, if you like. The basic premise is that it is a module that puts out multiple Outputs in groups, depending on which way the switch is set, not unlike a toggle Module but with extra slots beyond “On” and “Off”.

Switches can have their channels set between 1-10, and depending on the number of channels, it can activate outputs based on what it’s set to. For instance, If you have a switch module set to have 3 settings/channels, then you can add outputs to each channel that will trigger for each one. A good example of this would be my Merch catalog in my Studio. @Plasma helped me jury-rig a system, but basically, there’s 2 buttons that “switch” the display to a different item in the catalog back and forth. It’s the same way with these switch modules.

By using this, we could:

• Create Teleporters that change destination based on the switch settings

• Create information displays that rotate between images automatically without the need for multiple timers.

• Activate and deactivate groups of lights at the same time with a simple flick of the switch.

In addition, we can have Dials and Dial modules. These are different than switches in that they can only be used for inputs on items that have a numerical value (Color or brightness, for instance), and they can be used to manually control those values on a finite level. By hitting E on one, you can then drag the reticle to the desired position, and the dial follows until you hit E again to confirm. Dial Modules can also have inputs to add or subtract an amount of value based on a button press (I.e., Increasing/decreasing a Light’s brightness by .25 with 2 separate buttons). Using these, we could manually control the brightness, color, emissive, or any other value we can edit on an item that uses Numerical data. It would be extremely handy and helpful to have.