Condo Garage

I was thinking of this idea while watching the latest Dev stream. I was thinking there could be a garage room in the condo. In the garage you can display: your car from the race gamemode, your favorite ball from Ballrace, a gun rack for your weapons, and any other items that you would want to display in your condo for others to see.

The layout would be like, you walk downstairs into the room, look to your left to a door leading to the garage, and after entering the garage, to the left would be a garage door or two. In the corner or something could be a tube with a console displaying a ball from your inventory (when you choose a ball from your inventory the previously displayed ball could shoot up, and your ball of choice would shoot down, just a visual), and if there were to be weapon skins or anything like that in the game, you could display your weapon with said skin on a gun rack.

I didn’t really want to post this because it sounds like a pretty crazy idea, but I just had to share the thought, let me know what you think.


I like the idea of a garage (the condo is on a beach, after all), but perhaps the stats would be better displayed as standalone furniture items instead of being part of the garage? If custom condo designs are implemented, then the garage would have to be its own piece entirely.

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shit, i’m an old man too then

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I think this could be a cool addition, if it doesn’t make it into the game I’d love see someone make a workshop addon for it

This sounds really cool! I want to show off my items without a shelf.

I think I said this in another thread, but I think being able to have ways to display the items you buy is great. Things such as a gun display, a shelf that has all your ball race spheres, maybe some smaller versions of your kart, etc…

Maybe instead of a garage, you could have a personal dock or something that you can access from your condo. Or a combined version of both.

How about your R/C car from RC Rumble? You can upgrade it in the garage.

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