Condo Framerates

Hey all,
I’ve undertaken an ambitious goal to create a community made city in the Smooth Dirt condo, but I’ve been having trouble with framerates since I’ve put down a lot of objects. I’ve disabled a lot of collision for some objects, but outside of fully blocking out lines of sight, I don’t know what I can do to make it run smoothly! I’ve done what I can to teleport players to areas under the map, any help and tips would be appreciated, thanks!

Ive noticed a few Black sheep that cause severe fps loss in a condo. 1. Transdimentional Paintings (or the portal wich you can look through), just 1 can tank my fps from 60 to 40, add one more and your at 30fps, try to avoid these. also what i noticed is that if you use canvases with large picture files it will affect fps as well. so lower res textures = better.

i have over 1k items in my condo (resort) and by removing most of the mentioned above i got back to a smooth 60fps.

maybe this helps

Thanks! That’s actually a huge help. I got a few of the paintings for a central teleport center but if I use canvas ones hopefully that’ll help a lot, and I can definitely downscale any custom textures I have, too.

Also try to use canvas pictures with sizes that are powers of two, so they can be mip-mapped efficiently.

Powers of 2, so like 64x64 or 9x9? Should they be square mostly?

9x9 isn’t a power of 2, but 8x8 is. They don’t have to be square though, they can be something like 128x256, 64x1024, etc. I don’t believe mipmapping is actually implemented with canvases yet, though.

Texture size can also be reduced by reducing the colors. I believe ezgif has an optimizer for this, but you can also try messing around with indexed color modes in GIMP/Photoshop.

Also, since it hasn’t been mentioned yet, try reducing workshop item use as much as possible. They don’t have mipmapping or LoDs, and most people don’t really take the effort to optimize their models and textures.