Condo Appreciation... Item?

Just an idea… I thought it would be nice to either have some form of condo rating system or a way for visitors to leave messages. Maybe just a button or statue for a rating system that people can press if they like your condo when visiting, or for a message system i thought either an inside mailbox, or a memo board with post it notes people can fill in. :slight_smile:


So basically like this rating and commenting board thingy in GMod Meta Construct? I can imagine a thing like this standing around near the condo entrance door.

yeah exactly like that. Just be nice to see what people think of your place after you put so much work and units into it.

I would love this.

They said they were gonna put in some kinda unit deposit system, like a tip jar, but if you’re in someone’s condo that means that they’re in there too, and you can usually say something along the lines of “Hey man, I really love that fox plushie! It really complements your couch in your living room! I am very well pleased by your insight into interior design and tropes thereof!”

But for real, a guestbook would be p. neat.


Maybe kinda like a mailbox?

A mailbox would be cool.

Love this idea, it would really inspire people to put time and units into making their condo look good.

Maybe you can get a unique trophy or gift of some kind at 10/50/100 endorsements on your condo.