Concept for making ban reports easier

At the moment you currently have to go and PM one of the developers to send a ban report and this is kind of an inefficient method of doing this so I cobbled together a concept program to make ban reports easier to record

I have already given the concept over to mac and he thinks it’s a good idea so I’m curious at what everyone else thinks of this concept.

Just some more detailed explinations, the reports would be put into a private list that the developers could look at which could be cut into sections such as the steam ID, video/picture proof etc. This would not be a standalone program instead it would be part of the game.

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While I do find that this is a great idea. My main concern for it is that people are going to use it to report for stuff that happens outside the official server and in other servers.


Yeah abuse of the system would also be a concern. With your concern prehaps having a tickbox that says that this happend on the official server might reduce this issue however like anything won’t completly get rid of it