Competitive teams

General Gist of things
One thing I always wanted in GMT was to have competitive teams. When you first start the game, you are given the option to permanently join one of five teams. Teams are able to join forces for game wide competitions and win exclusive prizes.

Team perks

Half the fun in teams is being a fan of your own team. When you choose a team, you get a shirt and a shrine for your condo. This is so you can show off your team spirit and let others know what you represent. The shrine levels up to look better as you score more points in competitions.


Every once in a while, all teams would be subject to a week long game wide contest event. Teams would have to work together to gain points for their teams and win the contest. Every time, the way to score points would be different.

  • Kills in Slaughterday
  • Kills with shotgun in Virus
  • Bananas in Ball Race
  • Hole-in-ones in Minigolf
  • Etc.

Points can be checked at any time to see how your team stands. Points may have to be weighted if team sizes get too imbalanced however. At the end of the event, the team with the most points wins.


If your team wins, everyone who participated to your team gets a prize. What is the prize? I don’t know, that’s up to the devs. Here are some possibilities.

  • Exclusive sale
  • X amount of Units
  • Rare furniture
  • Rare clothing
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This seems like it would “force” people to play competitively for rewards when they really just want to play casually.
And by force, I mean if someone wanted the rare items, they basically have to go through this process when they really don’t want to.
I don’t really know if this fits with Tower.

Not to mention, it may cause unnecessary rivalries between teams and cause some people to be toxic to one another.


While this suggestion is actually really really cool, it does force a bit of competitive nature that doesn’t feel right with tower, as cold finger said.

I would totally join an unranked server that had this in place though. This sounds super fun.


Yeah, this for sure.

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Completely agree with all the points above. Maybe optional in-game-world tournaments would be a better suggestion.

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Agreed with the forcing Aswell And Right Now Think Of The Numours Number Of Lines Of Code To Have All These And For The System To Give U Units Or Rare Furniture Which could Put Limitations On Other Things.

I don’t agree with the forcing, this seems completely reasonable to me. If you don’t want to play, there are other people on your team that will. I think this is a great diea

Also if you read the OP’s post

You’re not being forced to do anything, this is only for people who want to play competitively

You missed the part where people will want the items that you can get from the team events/goals but don’t want to play Tower Unite as a competitive game as opposed to a casual experience.

Sure, you don’t have to join the teams, but then you have no chance at the exclusive items.

This. I think this is the sort of philosophy PixelTail has avoided from the beginning of Tower. They don’t like exclusive items and want every player to have a fair chance.

I see people complain about how many posters and things I have in my condo on Tower, but really, there’s nothing stopping you from getting those posters, it’s just a matter of playing often.

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That’s like complaining about Lobby 1 Plate. But not even so, since this item is available to anyone, you actively chose to not get it. It’s more like complaining that you’re being “forced” to play ballrace to get the ballrace milestone items. If you don’t want to play competitive, then you don’t get the items for it.

But your suggestion turns what’s suppose to be a social game, into a competitive one. Which is why I think optional tournaments with medals or a trophy sounds better. For bragging rights, not “Oh well cause your bad at playing the game, you can’t have this sweat ass winners only xbox”.

lol what that doesn’t even make sense. If someone heard of Garry’s Mod Tower recently, they obviously don’t have a chance to get the Lobby 1 plate. They didn’t choose not to get it.

also, the milestones aren’t competitive. They are based on accumulating a certain amount of ‘x’ over an unlimited amount of time. Those go at your own pace. Not competitive.

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You misunderstood my message, I was saying that the competitive items were available to anyone.

I’d say the Virus last survivor milestone is pretty competitive, there’s people making strategies for it on this very forum, and after over 200 hours I’m not even close to it. Plus, you’re literally competing with the other survivors for the milestone.

That’s a false equivalency. The Lobby One plate is likely owned by God knows how many users and is a commemorative item. Also, it’s a small cosmetic item. Hell, I almost forgot where it was in my condo once. But it’s just that: Small. The plate is a token of appreciation for those who supported GMT since the beginning. While I prefer Lobby One to Lobby Two for my own reasons, it’s just a little thank you for support. And I do mean little.

Having a strategy is one thing. The reason the Milestones work is that they’re accumulative over time. A competitive game is based on skill, like CS:GO or League. The reason anyone can pick up and play the gamemodes on GMT is because of their brilliant, casual design. If you really want to be loose with the definition of “competitive”, you’re “competing” to get X amount of bananas on Ball Race, except that isn’t how it works at all, because competitive is like getting X amount in a single game, not over time.

It seems like you’re really missing the point of the milestones, and the gamemodes period.

To be honest, I would like to see this idea only in the form of an event rather than a whole all-time thing, similar to how the 2014 Summer Sale was handed. I have seen a similar kind of event being held in other virtual worlds and it was actually pretty fun to watch.

I do agree that winning rare items from it isn’t probably the best, at most, I would see it as there being a trophy, where members of the team who won got a bigger version, and other teams getting a small one, as well as the lobby being decorated in the colors of the team who won.


I never said the prizes would be exclusive. When I said rare items, I meant ones that are expensive or only found at a certain time of year like the disco ball or the stocking.

Is there a block user function?

I feel that if TU were to bring Summer Of Events back (or create some similar once-a-year event), they should give you the choice whether to join three (or some other number of) competitive teams or not participate in the team-based event for gamemodes/special events. If you did participate, then you had the chance of getting rare prizes if your team won at the end of the events. The competitive teams should only last until the event ends. And I also feel that the plaza should slightly change to show off that the events and teams are underway somehow. Maybe have like a big tent for the big event or something?

But yeah, I’m all for this idea as long as a) it happens like once a year or so, b) you can choose not to participate, and c) you can still get some Units or even consolation prizes at the end of the event even if you don’t participate.

(I feel one of the consolation prizes should be a T-shirt or badge that says ‘I SURVIVED SUMMER OF EVENTS 2016’ or something, as cheesy as that sounds. :U)


Banners everywhere, plaza decorated for the summer of events.

It’s like the Olympics, but for Tower Unite.
AAAAND since it’s your game now, you can actually have events and stuff in place instead of just massaki trying to rope together a ton of kids to make a game happen

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