Community room (you decide)

So the idea is simple, I cleared one of my rooms in my condo to let the people in this community to decide what I have to put in there. The rules are maybe simple.

  1. You can only request one item of max value of 4.000 units in the room (you may go over the limit, if you have a good reason why I should put it in there, otherwise I won’t. Also please tell where in the room you want the item of your choice. IF the item you request is many small items that combines to one, it will be take into consideration as long it doesn’t go over the 4.000 unit limit.

  2. If you wish to put in a canvas, you have to put the image you want on it in this thread as well.

  3. Items which can be coloured you can tell what colour you want it to be, like red, pink and so on, OR the 255 if you want to have an exact colour.

  4. If you want an image of something like MLP, furry stuff, some kind of anime or anything…ehhh. ok, it is based of the community so I can’t really put a blockade up there.

You decide how the room will look like, if it ends up like a disaster, that is up to you my friend. I will put a canvas of all the names of the people who took part of this. I hope this will turn out well.

I will update the room regularly so you can see the previews.

The red line if where you can’t put anything up.


The wall opposite from the Red wall please colour it yellow and add a doge canvas.

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images please.

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Yeah sure.
Make the canvas a cutout :slight_smile:

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You know what to do.

You could build a throne-like structure with wood or concrete panels against the wall in the back (bonus points if you add a wooden bench so you can “sit” on it).
Allows you to say “whatever this room is, I’m the king of it”


A trampoline angeled in such a way (if possible) that jumping on it will launch you halfway across the room.
Id say at the right side of the room on the stairs.

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Make the walls and the lights pink.

It’s kind of 2 objects, but hopefully you’ll allow it…?

2 Neon bars on each side of the door. Both colored orange.

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You can only colour one of the walls/light, everyone else is allowed to take part of it, plus you can add an item too.
Just tell me which wall or light you want the colour on.

How about only the walls then?

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So far how it looks.

@Belgo are you ok with that throne?

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Not what I was expecting but it is actually good :+1:

that is a perfect trampoline placement.
Can i recommend a dark red light, maybe the one near the doge picture?
Or maybe golden to make it look shiny.

make the floor the arcade carpet

Pile up 15 forks at the door

why exactly fifte- you know what nevermind

It’s because he is fifteen, i think

Okay, added the changes to most of the things.

In that case put in 70 more forks on the front door