Community-made fake movie posters

Looking around in the alpha, you can find the theater has empty black frames where the movie posters used to be in the Cinema. Now, while these could be left empty on purpose, but what if the community could help?

My suggestion is to allow the community to send in fake movie posters to plaster up, or even to use as decorations in condos. You could have a couple sets of these posters to switch out, such as around Christmas or Halloween. I think it’d be very neat to see what silly movies people can come up with. It could even be a contest of sorts.


Would be a good idea, don’t know how many will participate.


That was certainly one of my favortie things about the Theatron map. This’d be a great plan to increase community involvement.

I think this is a great idea and I would participate myself, however I’m not very good with photoshop and I’m also not great at coming up with creative ideas. :confounded:

I made a couple of poster, although it was made with gmod playermodels and a lot of photoshop.

When I was younger, I played a MMO called JumpStart, which still exists today. There would be billboards all around the map, and players could submit a image from their computer that would show up on one of the billboards with all of the other players’ submitted images. Every 5 minutes or so, another patch of the players’ images would be displayed. After about a month, your image would stop being loaded/displayed until you uploaded another one. Maybe a similar feature could happen with the theater posters?


I like that idea. Brings a bit of freshness to the lobby. But how would they be uploaded in TU?

I don’t mind participating, though. Could be a nice chance to hone my photoshopping skills.
Question: Would we be allowed to use Source Filmmaker models for our posters?

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I would LOVE to contribute to this! I make fake stuff all the time for homework assignments since I go to school for graphic design and have a few concert, even, and movie poster fakes I could submit and more on the way while I’m still in school for 2 more years (:

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I don’t think we would have much issue with people contributing. Just give people a template and make it easy to upload and we’ll have a bunch of posters in no time


The obvious problem (as was also with custom condo posters) is explicit content, but I’m sure a simple prompt like the system used for the aforementioned condo posters should work fine. I’d love to see what others can create!

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There’s another way to fix this issue. We could have the posters be submitted to the forums and have a high-level moderator pick ones each month to put into the game through a database or something. The ones that do get put in could possibly get a Unit reward or a free in-game item.

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APB: Reloaded does this as well, but it works differently. The spaces are auctioned off with in-game currency, and the pictures have to be made with the in-game symbol editor.

Had an idea: Tower Unite: The End Of The Plaza (+18) Special Guest: Michael Bay

I agree that we will not be short of contributions but I have to say no no no to templates, that takes away the fun of people’s creativity, the only real template there should be is the size of the image so people know what to crop it by. But we should be free to make whatever movie poster we can (in moderation of content of course) without any sort of template.


Whenever you get a thread up for this, I already have mine ready. Granted, it was made in Gmod, but it’s something.

Are we even allowed to use other game models for this? I’m assuming we have to put the company’s names and stuff in the poster itself.

Also, as a prompt like the one for canvases, there could be unmoderated and 18+ posters if you select the option.

I’m not sure this would fly. I think the posters are going to be individually curated by Pixeltail.

Leaving the posters unmoderated could also lead to copyright infringement.

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I couldn’t figure out how to make a quote on mobile, but yeah @Siziwager I was just referring to the size. Template probably wasn’t the right word.

And won’t we still go by the idea that community created stuff can’t fall under copyright laws? I would prefer original work but I don’t think anything can or should be done if somebody just uploads a Star Wars poster or something

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I think it’s different because PixelTail is making a profit. Gmod Tower had plenty of posters that contained copyrighted material but since it was community-made and not a “game”, they were safe.

Canvases, since they can load any image from anywhere, are where people would put Star Wars posters. The difference here is that this is something that the developers put in the game, content that they own and distribute. It can’t violate any kind of copyright.

I asked @macdguy in Discord about it, and he said that he’d make a thread and would make a psd template. Haven’t heard from him since.