Community impact on item names/descriptions

I don’t want to write a whole paragraph about how important names are but yeah, they are. You can’t create an chicken toy called “The Cock” (although it would be funny). That’s why I’m suggesting to let the community decide names and/or descriptions for various items in the game (except if a backer worked with you together to create one, then he should name his own).

I’m pretty sure it is easy to create a small site where people can write down their names or descriptions about an item and where others can vote on it. And then you just picked the best and most rated ones, take a quick look at them, and put them into the game.

This MIGHT be a stupid idea but this would actually be a great way to let the community decide!


I would rather let the developers name the items themselves then allow for in-game name tags to rename items to each person’s preference. I think everybody’d win with this plan.

this. this would work great.

If there isn’t a chicken item called the cock I’ll be very dissatisfied.


I’d love to have donated enough to erect a statue of a giant golden chicken and call it “The Golden Cock”.

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Not a bad idea actually, but wouldn’t you be the only one to see the name then? You can’t really show item names to someone else unless you own the item yourself…

I don’t know if you can or not (don’t have Alpha access yet), but I’d assume there’d be some sort of hover over/inspect system?

Regardless, I’d rather personally know my own item’s name then have to deal with an item name I don’t particularly like or agree with.

That is basically why I made this suggestion. The chance of you not liking an item name is smaller if the community decides it. If you still don’t like the name, your item tag idea is perfect.

Then both would be good complements :smiley:

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