Community Creations

In #TowerUnite today, I was discussing with @SirParadox the idea of having a “Community Creations” category where people can show their work or content to the community. Paradox is currently working on his own IRC client sporting a very new Metro-themed UI.

I know we have other programmers, artists, writers, etc. amongst us who’d love to share all their non-PixelTail related work with the community. I think it’s a good idea for a sub-category.

(As I know I’m bound to get these people, yes I’m aware there is a “Community Showcase” section, but that’s for TU-related content only.)


I’d be down for this.

I almost didn’t see that.

I don’t see why the existing Showcase section couldn’t be reworked, or just put a subforum in Off Topic.

An off-topic sub-category for community creations? Yes, please!


I’m all for it.

I’m all right with this idea, but I feel it wouldn’t be too much of a crime if you put other community creations in that section either.

Go ahead and make a thread, see how it goes.