Coloured text does not work

Why whenever I try to use either bb code or any other methods, colouring text does not work.

Please can someone explain as to why this is happening

I think they may have left this out purposely, as the feature can be abused.

But it is bb code, are you saying that they have applied a black list for certain pieces of code?


So if even span style from HTML doesn’t work, then I am pretty sure they just left this out completely.

Discourse (our forum software) has a strict readable philosophy. Colored text is really hard to read and can be annoying.

For what purpose do you need colored text?

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“I want to be obnoxious.”


Just to emphasis the text a little bit rather than just having black

Use images for that.

I guess it would be annoying if people decided to make rainbow text

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Or, you know, use italics.
Which the forum software literally calls “emphasis” for some reason.
And also uses asterisks instead of [I] [/I}.
It’s real easy too. Just use CTRL+I for quick access.