Colorable Milk Cartons

I think it would be fantastic if players could change the body color of Milk Cartons using a color wheel like many other customization options that the human player models posses. What are your thoughts?


yeah sure i guess

Maybe it might be useful for milk carton playermodel lovers

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Not only color but Milk Carton will be fully (or almost) customizable. It’s just not time yet.

We need the Straw colorable, too


I was always curious how this was never a thing from the start.

I could’ve sworn that I saw somebody as a brown milk carton on the day that the Casino opened… They probably figured out a way to colour themselves either by a glitch or by third party software if this isn’t a feature already.

Every milk carton fan needs this. I don’t care because I never use the milk carton, but everyone would love a colorable milk carton, I am sure.