Collectibles tab missing some entries?

I notice a few items I’m missing but have possessed at one time, does the collectibles tab only record things you currently own?

Entries for the different types of Souls from several iterations of the Halloween event, I have owned each of those for instance, but thinking they’d vanish after the event I always redeemed them; they aren’t showing up in my collection page.

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It does seem to only collect things you currently own. I have the remains from the most recent Halloween event, but none from the previous ones, all of which I played. A similar thing happens with fishing, where if you spend your Sea Dollars, you loose them in the collection book. Similarly- Ghoul and Holiday coins would be missing if you had spent them all.

This also means that Remains from previous years and the Soda Can items are impossible to get now- so I kinda feel like they shouldn’t be included. If people are trying to 100% the collection book, they just can’t- unless the remains get reused at some point, or the Soda Can is made possible to get.


Yeah, it’s definitely items you currently have. I’ve gotten many gold catsacks, but since I don’t have any in my inventory currently, it’s grayed out in the collection book.

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Ah, I was wondering why the Elevator Music record and the Tin Can wasn’t counting towards my Collection. Guess I’ll have to be more careful when selling dupes