Co-Op Condos (

Co-Op Condos!

You can now invite your friends to build with you in your Condo!

To get started:

  • Host your Condo
  • Invite some of your friends
  • Click on your friend’s profile from within the scoreboard and set their permissions
  • Grant the "Edit ALL Items” permission to give players access to spawning & editing items

There’s a bunch of additional permissions you can grant such as “Noclip” as well! We also added an audit log so you can keep track of player actions.

With permissions granted, your friends will be able to access your items and place them down in your Condo!

Item Snapping

Item snapping is here! Certain building items now have snappable points (called drag slots) that let you easily snap them together with ease and precision.

To enable item snapping:

  • Drag an item and enter the item snap mode by tapping E twice
  • From there you’ll be able to drag certain building items and snap them by dragging and dropping over the slots
  • You can toggle visibility of the drag slots by tapping the O key

Item Finder 2.0

The item finder got a major overhaul in this update as well. It has now moved from the scoreboard to the Inventory menu (when you hold Q). It’s on the right side of the screen and can be expanded and collapsed whenever you need it.

There are now options to edit, lock, and stash items using the item finder. You can also search for items! (Additionally, it should no longer lag when you open the finder on large condos.)


  • Co-op Condos - Build together with your friends!
  • Item Snapping - Snap building items together with ease
  • Item Finder 2.0 - Massive overhaul with search and quick edit options
  • Condo Foliage Quality of Life Update
  • Condo: Added ability to toggle on world align texture mode for canvases and surfaces. World align mode will eliminate stretched textures
  • Condo: Doors now have more settings! Added auto-close, auto-close delay, locked (permission required/admin needed to open), and open on spawn
  • Inventory: Added shortcuts to Tower Express and refresh inventory on the inventory UI
  • Inventory: The edit menu now has options to lock, stash, or sell items
  • Inventory: While in Advanced Edit Mode, now left clicking on items instantly opens the edit menu (no right click popup menu anymore)
  • Inventory: Advanced edit mode right click no longer opens the edit menu on items, allowing for the camera rotation to work without interruptions
  • Inventory: Added a preview/size info tooltip for canvases (the eye icon next to the URL input)
  • Cleaned up House condo a bit: addressed some lighting issues (especially at night), and also improved more of the map visuals.
  • Cleaned up Resort condo a bit: overhauled the lighting (especially outdoors), and fixed some miscellaneous issues
  • Cleaned up Underwater condo a bit: fixed up the lighting at the surface, adjusted some lighting and effects when underwater
  • Added “leave me alone” setting to disable handheld fan (and other items in the future) being applied on you
  • You can now rotate items you are about to copy with the Copycat tool with the scroll wheel
  • When duplicating items with Copycat, the rotation is now the same as if you were dragging an item (it’ll align to walls properly). Also added a toggle to return to the original Copycat spawn method (item always facing Z up)
  • Added Pumpkin Head, Ghost, and Werewolf to available monsters to the monster potion
  • Added canvas animation support to Jack-o-Lantern, Crystal Ball, and Haunted TV
  • Added canvas file size information within the new item finder next to the canvas item name
  • Added Lantern, Jack-o-Lantern, Haunted TV, and Skull Candle from exclusive Halloween events to the Celebrations store
  • Added Ladder item to D.I.Y. store
  • Added Primitives section canvas cube, canvas sphere, etc.) to D.I.Y. store for better organization
  • Repriced all Canvas primitives from 1,000 units to 100 units. This includes: Canvas Cone, Canvas Cube, Canvas Cylinder, Canvas Dome, Canvas Pyramid, Canvas Sphere, Canvas Wall, and Canvas Wedge

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed moving objects/platforms being desynced in Minigolf and Ball Race
  • Condo Workshop Browser: Resolved issues where the browser would time out during searches
  • Inventory: Fixed issues with canvas input slider setting the wrong values when you manually enter a number
  • Inventory: Fixed a bug when clicking on edit item requiring two clicks to click on edit settings due to focus issue
  • Fixed floating chat messages from the past showing up when you view another player after being far away from them or in a place that hides chat messages like the theater
  • Fixed Theater Seat color not working properly, also added the ability to color the plastic separately from the cushion
  • Inventory: Fixed being able to accidentally sit in seats while in advanced build mode
  • Inventory: Fixed advance edit mode right click camera not working while gizmos or editing items are active
  • Inventory: Fixed a bug that required double clicking to edit any of the settings when first editing an item
  • Inventory: Fixed hovering over advanced edit button causing the inventory to slide open
  • Inventory: Fixed media player queue opening up & staying up forever while in advanced editor mode
  • Condo - Underwater: Fixed underwater states occurring at the wrong times
  • Condo - Underwater: Fixed being buoyant after using the airlocks, now you’ll be put in the proper swimming state
  • Fixed keyboard focus being lost when performing a search or clearing the search. Now when you search it’ll keep the keyboard focused on the search so you can quickly make changes to your last search. This is for all search bars in the game (inventory, workshop, stores, etc.)
  • Inventory: Fixed canvas URL stretching with long URLs on surface edit
  • Inventory: Fixed not being able to press C again to close tool weapon settings that were just enabled with C
  • Inventory: Fixed tool settings (when you use C) stopping your movement
  • Default canvas mesh is no longer off-center
  • All building block panels/walls no longer have their X/Y scales mixed up
  • Sectional couches no longer have their X/Y scales mixed up
  • Fixed certain sounds from the Wowozela not adhering to volume settings
  • Fixed Beach Lounger, Shopping Cart, Bar Table, and Basket collisions (and a few other items)
  • Fixed Soda Machine item not networking to other players properly

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