Club/Group only Floor for groups

Once the standard Tower Unite is done, how about creating a Club/Group floor for residents? The groups will have the ability to buy out or rent out a club/group room on club/group floor, instead of condos you now have a space only for club members, and instead of clicking the npc to fetch your condo unit, you will fetch your club/group unit.

It’ll be a unique place for club/group members only, we can have a system in place that has different categories for all members, something like- New Recruits, regulars, founders for groups. A group bank, where members can donate money for the club/group. The groups will be able to fetch a Group only condo unit, where the founder of the group can give permissions to other group members to be able to edit or interact with everything in the group condo. It could be used just like your high school group rooms, where you hangout, make plans, decorate and what not.

Also allowing for players to add the initial of group name before or after their in-game name. Example: [TWO]Bambie or Bambie[TWO] or may be a group icon above their head to identify which group they belong to.

Inspired from, groups/clans/factions/club/guild system in many multiplayer games.

Why do we need it?
Well this will keep players to enjoy with like minded people or role play with group system and use group condo as a guild hall. Example: Mafia Guild/group/club where mafia members meet, decorate, interact, hold events etc.

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I actually really like the idea of a jointly-owned condo, it could be a place that many people can load up and work on without one particular person being there, but the group tags are something players can do themselves if they choose. Also, editing privileges should be given only to designated players from within the group.

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So I could like, move in with @Zak?