[Closed] #TowerUnite, An IRC Chat made and built by the community

#TowerUnite, An Unofficial IRC Chat!


Who will consistently populate this chat: @Drachen, @Caboose700, @PoliteWhale PoliteWhale, Serjunpe, Skiziwager, the esteemed bot Samaritan (courtesy of Caboose700), and more! In essence, we will have at the very least five people active (counting Samaritan makes it six!)

Will I see developers on this chat? I cannot speak on behalf of the developers, but my guess would be no. It is entirely their choice if they wish to enter our channel or not.

Where can you find us? Connect to irc.rizon.net on the IRC client of your choice, and then join the #TowerUnite channel!

For some more information about Rizon:

Run by nearly 100 staff members over 20 worldwide servers, Rizon
provides a strong base for any project, be it for fun or serious. In
addition, Rizon takes free speech very seriously and avoids any

What rules can you expect? Just don’t be a dick. We don’t care what you talk about, what you discuss, or what language you use, but please keep it friendly between your fellow chatmates. We do not tolerate censorship of any kind here.

Furthermore, Samaritan, our friendly neighborhood bot-man, logs everything stated in the chat. You can find the logs publicly at http://gamechaser.net/pixeltail/

Why do you guys log chats? Simply as a method to combat censorship and ensure that everyone is accounted for and protected underneath our rules and promise of no censorship.

Why did you guys splinter from the “official” IRC chat? Our Declaration of Creation can be found here.

How do I connect to you guys? We recommend using HexChat, a free and lightweight IRC client, or KiwiIRC, a web client. There are alternatives but us here at #TowerUnite prefer these.

Can I expect rights/permissions? Sure… over time. I current have a team of creators that I have entrusted with power at the moment but, in time, as you prove to be a chat regular, you can expect to be treated well! The issue here is that in the community that we are apart of I see no logic reasoning for a moderation team, so rights in the end will be nothing more than simply administrative ones.

You keep talking about Samaritan, what’s so great about him? It? Samaritan is Caboose700’s amazing IRC bot that performs a variety of functions, not limited to but including: logging the chat, providing weather information, sharing Trello notifications, displaying the total of the IGG campaign, and displaying whether or not the PixelTail team is streaming on Twitch. You can learn more on Samaritan’s development by visiting its Trello board.

Any further questions may be answered below! I am looking forward to seeing you all as a part of the #TowerUnite team! :sunglasses:


Want an easier way to use IRC? I made a steam bot for IRC, add this bot here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198225699904/
Type /irclisten to join, and /ircmute to leave.


Come discuss the September 4 PixelTail Stream @ #TowerUnite :slight_smile:


With a new IRC Channel, comes a new look. The Samaritan Web Portal has been overhauled with a new style! I’ve also fixed issues on Chrome where the browser would attempt to download a .php file instead of the logs.

We’re located on the corner of First and Main in Old Town. Come on ooonnn Come on Down.



That’s a nice job you did there with the redesign of the log page! Such a pity we can’t have #PixelTail’s logs anymore though


oh I see how it is

When was that? We’re currently 5 here. :confused:

EDIT: I just figured out that’s probably the old room. That one as went unused after all the happenings.

Yeah Scrxtchy, the IRC has split and migrated. You can visit our IRC chat at irc.rizon.net, and Spriteclad’s IRC chat at irc.synirc.net with channels #TowerUnite (Rizon) and #PixelTail (SynIRC)

Same goes for you, @Personality

As per bit of an update, Samaritan has reached possibly one of it’s final builds at v6.5.2 (need confirmation by @Caboose700). Samaritan is now hosted on Caboose’s VPS and, unless a malfunction occurs, will be permanently active.

@SirParadox is also working on a bot of his own with functions very similar to that of Samaritan, with improvements in some areas yet lacking in others. It’s always great to have variety!

Also, we’re averaging between 8-10 members daily, so come and join! :sunglasses:

Due to lack of activity, the chat at the moment is without an administration and unofficially closed.

Once a major development of the game comes to be and interest is high enough, the chat may re-open :smile:

Thanks for the time you’ve all spent there, here’s to more in the future.


It was fun while it lasted. I had great times at the IRC and I hope we can meet again once the game has been launched!