Clock Canvas

So for my condo, I am putting a clock on the building and it will function via laser projector expressions, so I am going to post the picture of the clock I am using that I have made in photoshop in less than five minutes. if you want to use it, go right ahead!

To use it simply setup the projector with the expression and set a canvas with the image right infront. Then, simply adjust the projector angle so that the middle of the projector is on the dot on the middle of the image! To find the clock expression simply go to:
go to the “Advanced Expressions” tab and scroll down to find the expression titled “Analog Clock”. After, just paste the expression and adjust the projector angle!



ill be sure to have this in my condo!
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Ingenious, I am not sure how you do it in real time but that should be a regular item a Catsack clock.

Used laser projector expressions.