Clipboards being useful

What if you could enter and view text on clipboards? Maybe even a copy and paste feature? This would be useful if I wanted to quickly save and move over links from Soundcloud to the music player. :slight_smile:

Are you talking about clipboards being placed in the condo? I’d be game for that. Perhaps we could even have whiteboards and post-it notes…

Yeah, the ones that you can play down. The only problem is that they are cheap, and they may need to be more expensive if this feature was implemented.

Yes, let’s add even more features that allow people to cover their condo’s with drawings of dicks.

In all seriousness, I kind of like this idea. I just wish people would find more uses for them rather than… well… The aforementioned…

I plan to make text objects like that.


I’m gonna put up post-it notes of the word ‘hug’ everywhere.


That’ll be a looooot of post-it notes…

Love this idea.

Damn straight!