What if you could make a sort of group for 10,000 units that you and your friends can join.
When a person in the group earns units from any source, every person in the group earns a bit of their payout, the group payout would scale with the amount of people in the group from 30% to 2%.


This would be neat for organising party groups to get together and play. Though, I think rather than giving payouts to everyone in the group regardless of where they are, they ought to be in the same game together to earn a payout boost.


Maybe something similar could be made using steams already existing group system?


That could work well. I like it.


The return of groups, yesssss

Bring back group player highlights wooo
Also groups would possibly work more or less as a party system.


altough it probably doesn’t have the same features that you listed (it doesn’t have details yet.)