im not sure if many people knew about this but the cl_playercolor feature could make your character supper white like if you type cl_playercolor 10000000 1000000 100000000 your character is neon white and it looks awesome… heres what i mean.

i was wondering if this could be possible in the game because i like this bright color … and for the people that don’t know. It dosnt have to be white, it can glow any color. and do donors get the glow effect in tower unite?

As far as has been stated, people who donated in GMTower will receive some unique items on Tower Unite. I think that’s about it.

If player glows were to be brought back, I’d like to see them being a thing for everyone who backed the IndieGoGo.


@Sapphire has a good point, however, this may also be able to be done with the workshop. Good question, though.

While this sounds like a good idea, I think it might not be the best to restrict an unintended feature in GMTower which was available to everyone before to backers. Also I don’t think we should make any too significant changes to backer rewards now, as the IndieGoGo campaign is over. But hey still, why not?

I would suggest making it some kind of a buyable effect. Or simply make it so we do it the same way as we did it in GMod, which is increase all the options of the RGB color far above 255.

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I was referring to the outline glow that donors got. :smile_cat:
GMTower donors should get it, too, since they had it in GMT in the first place.

Ah alright then. Yeah that sounds like something that could work, indeed.