Circle bar around crosshair to show combo duration


As it is right now, it’s difficult to know how long a combo in minigames will last and it’s frustrating when it wears off just as you shoot a target or grab some fruit. So, how about adding a little circle bar around the crosshair to show combo duration?


Something like this would be a pretty important QoL update for minigames that I think would greatly improve gameplay. Let me know what you think!



this is a great suggestion, i’m surprised it took this long for it to be posted

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Sounds nice. Another option to keep the crosshair simple could be to have the color/opacity of the points/“NICE!” slowly drain or dim over time.

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I think the circle bar would be easier to follow for Target Practice where you have to keep an eye on the centre of your screen, but your solution could work too :slight_smile:

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