Well, I know it’s not a new thing of mine, but since I cannot change the title of the old thread and it would be too confusing, I decided to create another topic about it.

I’ll just post the essential :

Entrance at spawn :

Main lobby :

Main projection room :

Second projection room :

Balcony :

Arcade (yet to be filled) :

A small garden :

And some stairs that I used to be proud of :

Because now, I gave them a fresher look (which is basically the main update) :


First off, this is absolutely stunning.
Second, how come you don’t build these on a map like smooth dirt?

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I started building this in April 2016.
Smooth Dirt wasn’t being developed back then.

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:eye: :eye:


I was there Yesterday! It was a m a z i n g

Well, you can just move your projects to smooth dirt.

First you are gonna wanna open file explorer or whatever it’s called on your OS.
Then navigate to
WhateverHarddriveSteamIsOn:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\WhateverYourUserIdIs\394690\remote\Condos
in here you will find the condo saves which dictate where your items are.

So if you wanna say move your underwater condo data to highrise then you can move your already existing highrise save to another folder on your pc where it can be kept as a sort of extra save incase you wanna make a new project.

Then you just take the folder called “C_Underwater” and rename it to “C_Highrise”
Now you can load up your Highrise condo and have it load the object data from your Underwater condo:

Beware that for some odd reason when you load your condos the game will make a copy of whatever condo save you changed the name of and name it what it originally was called.

There’s a chance that some of your items will be placed underground though

Yeah, I did it with the Yoshi statue, but this one relies too much on the actual condo house to be moved.
(plus there’s no beach in smooth dirt)

To be fair that is because you placed your items below the bottom of the map.

That can easily be fixed by going into the file and changing the placement data on the objects, only problem is it kinda is, well:

Can someone tell me what language these files use?

Damn, it’s been so long since I’ve last seen this. Glad to see you’re giving it a facelift given the new features that have been implemented since then!

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Finally replaced the placeholder texture for the ceiling into that masterpiece :

It’s “Apotheosis of St Ignatius”, by Andrea Pozzo.

(full image :

To split the actual image, I used a pretty sweet tool I found online, that automatically splits any picture for you :

I also refined more stairs :