Chat Update: Saying "Moon Runes" is now Racism


Context: Tons of people spamming the chat in Chinese. I (paraphrasing) said something to the effect of “we need a way to filter out all the moon runes” and got a General chat ban. Someone else already made that joke in the form of “italics” and received no action, but I did because I said “moon runes.” Here’s what moon-runes means in case you were wondering:

This is the second demonstration of why this system is stupid and you can’t trust moderators to judge context. The first being here: Apparently you can get chat banned for two days for making jokes

I bet the people who don’t even speak English got really offended when I said moon-runes. Even if they did (they didn’t) then so what? They can block me. I didn’t say anything racist, but if they felt it was offensive they can block me forever. The tools are at their disposal. So why ban people from the global chat for it? It wasn’t harassment, it was clearly a joke about language. But no, that’s what constitutes racism to the moderation.

It actually undermines real racism and makes people not take race issues seriously, when you start throwing around the term meaninglessly against every little grievance, with no regard for context, or what’s actually being said. This is self-defeating, and helps nobody.

EDIT: My ban reason was “Racism”, so if I was banned for “soy boy” then it must be because a moderator believes that “soy boy” was used in a racist context. It wasn’t. Someone asked what I meant by a requested language filter and pointed to a word filter, and I responded that I wanted an actual language filter, not a “soy boy” filter.

This thread wasn’t about appealing a ban, it was to highlight how ultra-sensitive the chat moderation is and to question it. Something which as you can see, the developers are entirely close minded towards. The fact is that nobody should be banned for making jokes, and in the case of Zapty’s statement I never questioned my first ban because I admitted I was out of line in the hyperlinked thread but he conveniently cropped that out. Tower Unite shouldn’t turn into Youtube or Twitter where we punish dissent with bans. In this case, I had done nothing wrong. I wasn’t racist, and jokes aren’t a cardinal sin.

You’re not going to “correct” me because you can’t even take the time to demonstrate what I’ve done wrong, not even privately when I have tried to discuss it with you. All you can do is hide from the discussion and make false accusations of racism without backing them up because the facts aren’t on your side. I never said that soy boys were using moon runes. That doesn’t even make sense.





You weren’t banned just for that. You were also banned for saying “soy boy”. And the context was you complaining about the “soy boys” using “moonrunes” to talk in global chat.

You have a history of making these “jokes” and you should know after your 5 or 6 bans that it’s not acceptable behavior. It’s not acceptable to start pulling out racist slang words when people are speaking different languages. You can do the same thing you promote, block them or ignore it.

If you want to avoid getting banned, avoid bringing in toxic behavior to the chat.

It’s also, and you know this from last time, against the rules to post about your bans in general. If you wanted to appeal a ban, DM us. I’m locking this topic.