Chat filter suggestion/question

in gmod tower when you say the words “f**k” you would get the words “hug” i was wondering if we can have a option where we can turn off that chat filter so we can see swearing words and for those who do not like it can have a chat filter on or something



The ability to have different types of filters, where it would make it into * and hug or just no filter at all, would be pretty cool as a clientside option.

Regardless though I expect the hug filter to be there because I love it.


ABOUT THIS (hopefully not too off topic), the censoring feature is a bit broken. I noticed this when trying to type words that contain the censored words within them. Example, when typing grape, it could turn up as g**** or something.

EDIT: I know that it’s because it has rape in it, I was just trying to be brief :blush:

Probably because it recognised the word as “rape” part of grape. And the chat filter see’s that as a explicit word

I hate chat filters :stuck_out_tongue:. I’d like it so you could toggle it, because, uh, it’s not like I can’t live in a society that has swearing in it.

Yeah I’m pretty sure we’re gonna make that feature toggle-able if we put it in Tower Unite.
Our aim is to have a fully customized experience so players can play the game how they like. : )


Sounds rad! Zak #zakforpresident

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Don`t forget about other languages.

Sounds Great! #zakforpresident #putzakonthebill2015