Chat clicks in plaza/condo

Remember in GMT when someone said a message in chat or someone joined/left the server it would play a sound in chat? It kinda makes the Plaza/Condo seem more populated and less lonely (mainly the Plaza, because people chat a lot there). Is it going to be added to TU?


I agree, it’s small but I always like optional text tone sounds. Makes it feel more lively.

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This would definitely be nice to have asap. Smaller details like this are part of what make games feel more polished and less like Early Access betas.


I can add it for the casino update. With a toggle of course.


i remember turning it off because it got annoying but later turning it on again because the little ‘THUNG’ sound was nostalgic and made the chat feel more alive for some reason

I loved the chat sound, even though I deactivated it years ago and never used it ever since, but it is still a nice thing. Definitely needs to be added.

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It’s added and ready for Casino update.


^And just like that… I love this community and the devs :ok_hand: