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I played some Squad. After waiting 30 minutes I was told to go to coordinates. When I told platoon leader I got there, he told my squad to go back to where we started. Then we waited 1 hour and shot 2 guys total and the match ended. It was like I was in the army irl.

Playing TU at 1am in the morning my be the oddest thing i’ll do right now.



Someone used rrmm’s picture with negative effect, with the reversed username - mmrr. How funny is this haha.

Squad is a pretty good game. I play it occasionally; the experience really depends on the kind of squad you land in. Get a good Squad Leader, and the game is absolutely amazing. Get a silent or otherwise bad one, and the game is just terrible.

They’ll be sued real hard

That is out of your control, sorry little man. :wink: