Character Designs

I’m sure the current designs of the characters are subject to change, but how do you guys want them to look like? Personally, considering the wackiness from Gmod Tower, which includes players with jetpacks, giant heads, and all sorts of other mutators, I feel the characters should have some sort of cartoony look to them, but sort of have that realistic body structure the original Half Life 2 civilians did. Almost like a mix of Overwatch’s, Saints Row’s, and TF2’s character designs. Plus, having a more cartoony look could give players more fun and fluid animations, which could be important in minigames that involve all sorts of crazy movement. What do you guys think?

I’d like the characters to be a bit more realistic, somewhat like the designs are now, just completed and improved. I think Tower Unite is slightly more realistic than GMod Tower was. While the some of the “wacky” elements of GMT will be present in Tower Unite, I feel as if the game’s acquired it’s own niche style between crazy and composed. I don’t think the style you’re asking for would truly fit the game.


I’d pull a gif of the taco shell girl if I wasn’t lazy here.

If possible and not too much work why not both realistic and toon-like player models which players can choose from and coexist? Sure that would mean double models for most things or limiting things to only one model but Maybe they can make the models similar enough to not have that a problem.

Personally it depends on how well I like the model choices presented, assuming there is a choice. If the realistic avatars are really pretty, high polygon and have loads of fun stuff to make them as fun looking as a toon avatar then I’d go realistic. If not then I’ll go toon.

I’m a user of Second Life so I’m used to being able to switch forms with a press of a button. So either is fine but personally I’d want both.

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I believe it was mentioned that, along with the customisable human, there’d be certain playermodels as well. Like the Milk Carton Guy.


I like the sorta realistic guy right now, it depends on people’s style. I prefer realism… Some people don’t.

And right here is the best way to cater to everyone. Plus, it’ll be rad to see what playermodels we get from the Workshop Community.

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