Character Customization?

My question is how in depth will character customization be? Like being able to make yourself not just human but being able to make it so you can have fur ,scales ,long ears , or a tail and so on.

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We have evolving customization options we’re planning for Tower Unite.

It’s broken into four sections: Body, Head, Clothing, Accessories

In body you can change your base model. You can choose masculine or feminine base, dinosaur (cartoony), skeleton, etc.
You can also change overall size, height, skin color, bone modifications.

In head you can change hair style, hair color, eye color, eyebrow/eyelash color, and eventually piercings, face paint, facial hair.

In clothing you’ll have choices of tops, bottoms, suit (both top and bottom), and shoes.

Accessories are where most of the crazy things happen. We’ll have hat, glasses, earrings, necklaces, wrist bands, watches, rings, backpacks, particles, etc.

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Will there be an in-game variant of an iWatch? Make it functional maybe in some way? (Obviously renaming it something other than the iWatch)

If people want that type of thing, it’s a possibility.