Changing tides

One of the devs in the stream made a funny point about the tides changing all the time with the fast day-night cycle. But I think that would be an awesome addition to the game. It would give a nice realistic aesthetic to the game.


I think this would make a great feature. To add to it though, I think what would be cool is that during each day, at a random time that changes each day, a high tide comes. The time between each high tide could be randomised too.

In the UK, coastal towns tend to get a high tide once every 12 hours, but depending on the length of the day/night cycle, having a high tide once every 12 in game hours could be too frequent.

The high tide could also brings sea creatures like turtles or crabs onto the and wash away things like sand castles (if it’s ever possible to construct your own castle that is.)

Way I see it, this could be a way to “refresh” the beach line with stuff people can dig up with the metal detector. After everyone’s dug everything up, the tide comes and buries more stuff and people can go look for things again.


I like it, but think about it this way. What if it’s set to real time? That means that people would be fighting eachother to get the treasure. Unless it works a bit like TF2, where everyone has their own limit on items they can find each cycle, and it resets upon the new cycle. Which would be a better way, IMO.

I like the idea. Maybe even unique objects can wash up on the beach with the tide like a barrel of toxic waste or a fishing boat or something.

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