Change potions icons to be more informative


Another minor yet effective QoL change. Replace the potions inventory icons (which all look the same) with a simplistic design similar to the condo tool icons. Here’s a rough design I made. The potions go as followed:

Tiny Potion > Small Potion > Medium Potion
Normal Potion > Slightly Bigger Potion > Large Potion

Also side note, as previously mentioned. What’s the point of the normal potion? It doesn’t do anything.



These look really nice!

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Potions used to be consumed when you equipped them, making the Normal potion necessary to return to 1x scale. It is simply a remnant of that.

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I’m aware of that, however currently it serves no purpose at all. It should either be removed or turned into a unique size potion.



The potions might need work, maybe a different colour to determine the type.



Colour isn’t really a good option for readability, just based on accessibility. Anyone who’s colorblind wouldn’t get much helpfulness out of an update that colour-coded the potions.



Maybe a symbol then?



While in my opinion different colors are a good start, I think that the bottles merely having different colors would be a bit too simple and make it look rather lackluster.

I recommend more variety in terms of properties, such as:
Different bottle shapes, effects (glowing, sparkling,…), symbols, different sounds when consuming them - It should all feel really unique and special in its own way.

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Annnd this is getting added! :tada:

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