Cell phones act as portable media players

I know cell phones were suggested previously, I just wanted to contribute to the discussion without necro’ing a two year old thread. That, and I have a new idea for it. I’m thinking that the cell phone can actually be a toggle-able item, as seen in the later Grand Theft Auto games. Letting the players drag the cell phone to the action bar and pressing the corresponding key would bring up the phone. Pressing it again un-equips it. The idea is that the phone could act as a sort of mobile music/video player, letting us watch stuff on the go while we’re waiting for a game or just hanging around the plaza.

Here’s a quick thing I put together with a bit of editing magic just to get an idea of what might be expected in-game. What are your thoughts?

So a media player for only the player? Fair enough!


I’d really like if it did a couple other things too, maybe you could have a private chat session with someone else on the server on the phone. It would also be pretty sweet if you could play music files that are on your computer through the phone.