Cel-shading in Little Crusaders!

Since the Little Crusaders will most likely feature cartoony graphics, I would like to see them pull off cel-shaded graphics as seen in games like Jet Set Radio or Wind Waker.


I’m down for this, as long as all the models don’t have that thick black line around them.


What’s bad about it?

It’s just a preference thing, I guess. Some people like it and some don’t. I love cartoony video games but lines around everything was always too much for me.

I can understand that. Hopefully they’ll add in a setting to turn it off like in Smash Bros for the 3DS.

I wanna try for cel shading or low poly look. We will have to see what looks better.


Are you going to make a poll to ask which we think looks better?

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It’d be nice to have this be Toggleable (Like in SSB4 3Ds)

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