Catsack Series


Fish Chase has been added to the album!

Sneak preview of the next addition:

Try to guess what it will be about!

lady munson bitching at a catsack because it meowed 0.04 decibels too loud

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Lol, this made me laugh!

Pork Face is out and boy is it juicy!

Fun Fact: I was listening to ASMR for most of its creation.

Hey guys remember! You can click the watch button on the bottom of the thread to get notifications the second a sneak peak or pic is shown!

if it wasn’t this one then i don’t know what kind of asmr you are listening to

But, steak is cows


No, I was listening to Dr. Tingles ASMR.

Hmmm… I mean… It’s still meat… Here: it’s a place full of meat! I’m just too lazy; sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

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UPDATE: I will be taking about 1 week and 1/4 break. The series is not discontinued, so please don’t unfollow.

While I’m on this break, please reply to this comment with requests for the catsack series, and I will fulfill them when I get back. Anything inappropriate will not be fulfilled. Requests will be done in the order they are sent.

Before I take my break, I want to give you guys one last one, so presenting… Tanning Failure! Check out the album!

I’m off break with some new ones!

Puppy Love,
En Garde!,

Fun Fact: Usually, I use uModel to get my models from the game, but I couldn’t load market or a knight with an idle animation in, so I had to take screenshots. My friend, Omega, is the knight.


Fun Fact: While making the red part, I exited gimp without saving accidentally and had to restart.

and Workday

Go check them out!

P.S. If you’re wondering why the dates are during my break, I got bored so I decided to make some.

Sneak preview of next addition:

Try to guess what it will be about!

Halloween has been added to the album!

Working on a Pokemon themed one!

uModel, the program I use to extract TU assets, is currently broken. Until a fix is released, production will be slow. As soon as a fix is released I will let you know.