CatSack Poker Painting


So to celebrate the Casino update (and me getting a 1.5Mil jackpot on Triple Diamonds) I decided to paint a little casino inspired piece.

A “Catsacks play poker” painting, a parody of the “Dogs play Poker” painting. Taking place in the High Roller room because it fits.
I suppose they DO have the best pokerfaces anywhoo

Bonus Content:
[-CatSacks are Evil-]
[-Original Sketch-]

A Reintroduction!
A community project - Help requested
House with VIP Room and goodies



Neat job you did there!


This is incredible. I love it.
(also, the catsack cheating made me laugh)


I find it great to know I can have a more relevant photo behind the Bar in my condo since the original photo was the one this was based off of!


Nice! :sunglasses:
I’m using it the same way too.


I vote for this to be hung in the High Roller room


Lord, i wish :sweat_smile:


:100: :ok_hand: Love it, hanging it in my basment bar. <3


:smile: Thanks!


I gotta hang this above my fireplace


wow, this looks awesome! Good work :slight_smile:


This is absolutely amazing!
Now to find somewhere to put it in my condo…


I framed it in my condo, It’s really a neat picture you made~




Well done! Hopefully we will get to see some more hoot TU art from you soon!


How did I miss this masterpiece omfg hezhflhfrioegh



Nice art work love this hey hmu one day some great stuff :smiley: