Catsack item suggestion megathread

Hello and welcome to the Catsack item suggestions megathread.

When posting please refer to this example:

Catsack: (The catsack the item comes from)

Item: (What item is it? A pet? A equip-able?)

Description: (Give a brief description of the item you are talking about, eg: "It is a ball that rolls around and does ball- like things.

In game description: (The description that appears In-game.

These are the current catsack types you can pick from.


Silver catsack.
Gold catsack.
Cosmic catsack.


Virus catsack.
Minigolf catsack.
Zombie massacure catsack.
Ballrace catsack.
Little crusaders catsack.

Planet panic catsack.
SDNL catsack.
Horror hill catsack.

Lets see some submissions!

Catsack: Virus catsack.

Item: Pet (Rolling) (infected head)

Description: The head of the infected that rolls around on the floor, it also emits the infected flames.

In game description: The infected lose.

Catsack: Ball race Catsack

Item: Ball Race Orb Pet

Description: the ball race rc orb with the catsack inside. follows you around like any pet would

In game description: can’t think of a good one

Catsack: Sackcat

Item: Pet (floating)

Description: a very bootleg version of a catsack, the eyes being drawn on, and the body being made by a balloon (aka DIY catsack)

Ingame description: Totally legal Catsack to be your pet

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Catsack: Virus catsack, zombie massacure catsack, and SDNL catsack

Item: gun display rack (each for any weapons or each category of weapons)

Description: each weapon in Virus, ZM, and SDNL have an weapon display of all or any weapons like the pistol, chainsaw, double barrel, etc. Or each category of weapons in one like rifle category and melee weapons category

In-game description: To many items and weapons to put in a list


Do we really need a thread specifically for catsack suggestions? I thought the big general one was just fine, and it already has a bunch in there.