I was thinking maybe there could be a sort of catalog that allows players to order items from their condo, for the different stores. The item could go straight to the condo door without making players leave and check out, but maybe for a slight extra fee. If players left before the item was delivered, it would show up next they log on and check in their condo.


Good idea, but isn’t this already sort of implemented through the wall store? This feature sounds like that, but you don’t get the items immediately.

Oh, I thought the wall store was just gonna be a thing in the alpha and would soon be replaced, NVM then.

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No, its only in the alpha. They just haven’t finished the stores so they put it there.

That’s alpha-only because the shops haven’t been made yet.

for record, there are working shop NPCs

I think we will still have stores in the condo.

I also want to allow bulk buying, shopping cart, and way better filters