Cat Chance (Catsack Upgrading Data)

So I’ve been collecting Catsack unboxing results from the forums and discord for a while to figure how deep the Money sink goes for a Cosmic catsack.

Here is the data for this month:

I plan to update this monthly with a new image. So check on this thread every end of the month for new data. (Unless no results are obtained, then the numbers may stay the same.)

Remember this is RNG we are talking about, so this data does not 100% confirm anything and results are guaranteed.

If you have some Catsack results you want to share, feel free to post below so I can add the numbers to the data. I have already included majority of the results from the past openings, so only post recent results.


Great work! I love seeing statistics gathered on catsacks, and your infographic is very nice.

I’m sitting on one cosmic and 16mil Units. I so badly want to go for more cosmics, but I’m hesitant because I’m afraid I’ll get burnt if there are changes to their rarity down the line. Maybe when I hit 20mil I’ll make a decision to drop a big chunk on silvers again and share the stats.

I have a strong feeling once Cosmic rewards come out there is going to be atleast some backlash on how hard they are to obtain. I don’t think there is much opinion on the rarity as it stands since their rewards aren’t available, but when people see others with unique cosmic items they’ll start becoming more vocal about wanting to obtain them easier.

I personally love their current rarity and want them to remain more obscure and difficult to obtain. I hope cosmic rewards come out in the relative future. I’m sure its far down on the priority list, but its going to be so satisfying to finally be able to open Cosmic catsacks after all this time.