Casino Update Trailer

Hey just a small suggestion passing buy… I was thinking you should make a trailer for the new update showing everything is has and put it in tower unite before the menu and make it so it can’t be skipped, this way there wont be a short of players for any of the new activities and people will know that the game was updated for those who don’t pay attention to whats downloading in the background. Also youtubers will realize this is isn’t only fluffing minigolf… if I see one more minigolf video ima die.


It should be skippable; I hate it when I’m forced to wait for something that could easily be skipped. If people want to watch it to see what’s new, that’s fine. If I want to just get to the game, I should be able to. Having some sort of pop-up that informs people of what’s new is certainly a good idea, though. Even if it’s just something similar to a quick changelog, it would be nice for letting casual players know what’s been added recently. I’d say do something like this for every major update, at least.


I fully agree with this suggestion. It’s awful to see how close these big names get to joining the lobby, but they can’t because they haven’t ever joined a lobby before from the menu. In the casino update, they’d better move these big names into the lobbies somehow or else people will never notice the other half of the game.

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Already in the works. :wink:


Well it only has to be like 10 seconds long also there should be a box to check off after you’ve seen it so you don’t see it again

Awesome! ;D

What trailer has ever been 10 seconds long?

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All it has to do is have the list on the screen and have someone (@Matt) read it… and maybe I wasn’t being 100% serious i’m just giving an example of how long it COULD be.

It still should have a skip button.

but then the youtubers just skip it cause they don’t care they just play minigolf


Those 'tubers gotta get that youtube dough, nobody gives a shit about Virus, Ball Race and Planet Panic!

They make everybody think that Tower Unite is just a Minigolf game, and futhermore a rip-off Golf w/ Friends. For your information, internet, Our minigolf is infinitely better than your shitty, broken physics golf!

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Yeah I don’t see the appeal with Golf w/ Friends. It looks even more bland than Minigolf.