Casino themed ballrace map

I had the idea of a casino themed map. The floors could be textured like a blackjack table or something with slot machines and pinball typed themed stages, the bonus stage could be a roulette table that spins quickly with melons in it. I got the idea from casino night zone from sonic And I think it could be a nice addition to ballrace :smiley:

what about a minigolf map? with the tables being levels

also in one level there could be like that spinning wheel, where you could go in it

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I was thinking minigolf also but people said that ballrace would be a better fit


A good way to get casino players into the game worlds.


I dont think peole are in the casino because of the looks they are their to sit there and gamble their time away.

This could look really cool, with many obstacles such as a roulette circle thing where your ball has to go through, while the thing spins or a slot machine you have to shoot your ball into, so it comes out through the jackpot dispenser thing with sound and all - stuff like that.

This theme definitely sounds like a cool idea for a minigolf map!