Casino: Endless Poker / Poker Update



Poker will be updated to continuously play hands until all players have left the table. Other players can sit down between hands and wait for the next hand. No players will be forced out of the game at the end of a hand.


  • Endless support - keep playing new decks without being kicked off the seats
  • You should be able to leave mid-game (fold) and exit out of the table
  • Allow players to sit down on the table and wait for next hand
  • Better spectating support (3D visuals, showing revealed cards)
  • Make pot changes more noticable
  • Better UI & effects
  • Show a message when someone folds / make folding a bigger event
  • Chat log to keep track of what has happened
  • Poker game HUD is no longer full screen


  • You can get stuck endlessly in Poker sometimes
  • If you join a seat right before the game starts, it doesn't put you into the game

It’s finally coming!!! I can’t wait to try to host long poker sessions with my friends!


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So, no real pot? No winners or losers? I kinda thought it’d be like that.

There is a pot and winners and losers. The pot is done each hand.


Not exactly, it just doesn’t boot you from the table after a game, allowing you to just sit through multiple games.

Same game, same mechanics, you can just stay seated instead of getting up and having to sit back down.


Oh! My mistake then. Thanks for clarifying you two.

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Please let me know if this should have its own post, but what about also allowing endless raising? Once you have a million or two unites, high roller poker really doesn’t live up to its name. We just end up clicking raise and call blindly because win or lose isn’t that big of a hit. It really has taking the wind out of poker. 5 card draw would also be nice.

The high roller room will have no raise limit, but the other tables will. If players go all in, separate pots will be made as well.


Nice. So there would still be a max bet, but you could get into re-raising wars like the old days? Also, not to pile on the requests, but is there a plan to bring back the chip sounds? For example, if you bet 100 units you hear a flew clanks hit the table, but 10,000 units would sound like a whole pile of chips flying.

I can look into the chip sounds.


Really looking forward to this. Still aimed for Q4? YAY

Sorry to burst your bubble but it was moved to “Post-Release or Near”

That was an accident, my bad. I think Trello lagged out and I didn’t notice it moved a card while I was shipping the Winter Update.

I moved it back to 2018.


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Just started playing again. I missed getting into raise wars with people. Getting into million unit pots will be fun.

really hyped for this. no limit high stake tables will be incredibly fun ;D


any idea at all for when this is gonna come out? i didnt see it in the summer update changelist so i was just curious. i really like poker but its just not fun in its current state :V