Cards Against Humanity (or similar Card Game)

Hello people, hope you’re all doing well.

I think adding a card game like “Cards Against Humanity” would be a very fun (social) addition to Tower Unite. Don’t know exactly where you’d add it into the game, but might be that the players buy the card sets and be able to play anywhere in the Plaza, or something like the Trivia game, not sure really… Just giving the idea. :grinning:

Ooooh, this could be a big opportunity for the devs to engage the community by having them come up with the cards. I’d like to see it played out where they have 3 seconds to digest and 10 seconds to rate the card set and then the one with the highest rating wins the round. So, if there are five players, they can rate each set 1-5. I love this idea.


put this into the arcade, i am good for it.


I think a condo playable game would be sweet.


wish we could collaborate with Tabletop Simulator… oof

Would increase infrastructure costs because of licensing issues.

I think there may be problems with the Youth Protection Act in some countries. Tower Unite should be for all ages.


Oh, I thought that too.

Tower Unite is marketed as not for all ages. It can’t control its community already because of the weebs on here, which is why the condos are unregulated.

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Tower Unite most likely would fit within a teen rating, but we don’t have an official rating. Online interactions are never rated in any video game.


Actually not. Since the game is under the CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. But i do not know, about the legal context inside the Tower Unite game, as it is a paid game.

That’s the thing, even if the game card game is licensed under CC, Tower Unite is a paid game and as I could see in their FAQ now, that would be an issue even if you make a “similar” card game.

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