Canvas's that also can use webm's or gifs

I’ve been decorating my house a-lot lately and occasionally I go “hmm a gif would look really nice here” especially for that cyber punk aesthetic I’ve been going for in my condo.

i think the feature would help push creativity to a new level in terms of what you can already do.

if not gifs perhaps a slide show canvas/wall panel thing you can have which you can control how long each image is on the screen before it changes, that could take multiple pictures at once or maybe both.

someone might say “just use the tv” but the TV has it’s limits to youtube and sound cloud and you’d have to turn them on and keep them on repeat through out the house to create the proper effect depending on if you really want to show off your place to an open server/ just your friends.

insert reply about this already being a suggestion multiple times with links to them threads below mine
but this is going to be a thing i think, it was being showed that they were messing around with it recently


Oh hell yes. I cannot wait for this!