Canvases For Your TU Condo! Updated 9/1/15

Since quite a few people liked the canvases I showcased, I decided to just use my imgur for sliced up photos in albums made available for everyone. I’ll be doing random photos periodically and possibly accepting submissions for photos in the future (you submit, I slice/upload) but for now I have 4 available albums for everyone to use. :grinning:

I will also be doing some more tonight to upload after I get some other work done that is a little more important lol. But for now enjoy these and know that there are more to come! :smiley: :sunglasses: :bulb:

(Edit) Important!!:

You have to click the little gear icon and view full resolution on each image to get the link to paste into your canvas. Copying and pasting just the link of the image while in the lightbox will not load in Tower Unite.

Also, if you’ve used any of these feel free to post screenshots here! I would love to see where and how you guys place them in your Condos! :grin:

Current List of Images (Newest to Oldest):


I will definitely be using the Lisbon one. :heart_eyes:


What is the resolution you use for each image part? I’d also like to slice up some images, since that can be easily done in MS Paint I guess :smile:
(However, with this I am not trying to say that what you are offering to do for us is useless or anything…)

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I usually slice each square to 3in by 3in at 300 px/in resolution

and I completely understand, this is for everyone. I know there’s a handful of people who don’t have the programs with capability of slicing images, don’t want to take the time to, or don’t know how to and don’t want to bother with it at all. I’m just providing a service for everyone’s enjoyment with an easy to browse set of images they can drop into their condos with the hopes that the selection will continue to grow (:

New Update! 4 More canvases added as of 9/1/15 (: