Canvas Walls are completely broken

Pretty much all of my canvas walls are lopsided and upside down. I logged on yesterday and everything was fine but now all of my custom rooms are ruined, please help. thanks!


Please make a unique save of the current state of your condo (tab menu>my condo>save/load). I have two questions:

  1. Am I correct to assume that reloading your condo does not fix it, either by reopening from the main menu or by loading a recent save?
  2. Did you place these canvas walls recently, like within the last month, or have they been there for a very long time?

The strange thing is the code that could cause this (but has been tested to not actually do so) has not been touched in almost two months. I really wonder if more people have experienced this.

I can look into creating a last resort “my canvas walls are busted” button in the help menu somewhere that reverts the canvas walls to what they should be, because if all canvas walls are rotated identically, it is fixable.

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I had pretty much the same thing happen to one of my condo saves recently:

Both the canvas walls and a bunch of the wood/concrete panels’ rotations (and scales, I think? not sure) got mixed up


Do you have an estimate of when you saved that version of your condo?

Were they placed using the Item Snapping feature? Maybe this is a bug relating to that? I’ve not seen this issue before (please don’t jinx it please don’t jinx it), but I also tend to use the Grid Snapping over the Item Snapping.

I’m not sure exactly when, but I believe the last time I saved it before finding that the canvas walls broke was some time before 0.12.0 (I think that was the update where some items’ X and Y axes were swapped so maybe that’s why?)

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It can’t be item snapping. When you use item snapping, the item is at that moment just rotated differently. When placed, the item will be saved as if it was placed with the regular item origin, so no fancy stuff there.

I made the rooms about 4 months ago


Hello! I also just experienced this, today. My situation is a lot more dire than the others in the thread, however

My entire basement is made of walls which are now all over the place. Unfortunately, I was not aware of the save feature before this, so I have no saves. I posted a thread in support as well, as I do not know how to fix this, and really really need help if possible.

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Sorry for the late update. I am working on a tool that will allow you to apply a transform to any item, including rotation. I will make a post here when it is done.

To fix up a broken condo you will need to set the Z rotation to 90° (or -90°?) and apply it on all the canvas walls.

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Sorry for the delayed response. The transformer tool has been released in the meantime and I am curious if it is helpful for mitigating the issue for now.

To specify what I said above about setting the Z rotation in the tool: leave position to all 0, scale to all 1, and set rotation X Y to 0 and rotation Z to 90. Ensure that “add transform” and “multiply scale” are both ON (default). After setting the tool up like this, you should be able to just click through all the canvas walls so that they are rotated as intended.

Important question for investigating the issue: did adding a rotation of +90° do the trick, or did it need to be a -90° rotation? This will only make a noticeable difference if the wall is scaled along the length in the editing menu. Thanks in advance.