Canvas/Video Source suggestion for workshop models


I suggested this once on the Steam discussions but thought this area would be more appropriate.

In the recent live stream that went up the other day, there were new banners and flags showcased that featured a customizable canvas on them. Made me wonder, with the new workshop update for TU it would be cool if somehow we were able to add a canvas or video player source function to our own models.

Say if I wanted a specific type of TV and I modeled it myself. I could select an area on the model to turn into a video source, then when using it in-game, it functions how the other buy-able TV’s do on TU. It’s a bit of a stretch and I’m not sure if it’s even possible, but it could be pretty cool.


With the release of the editor 2.0 (which will probably come out a month after editor 1.0 release), I’ll be adding custom item support.

Custom item support will allow creators to assign certain properties to their workshop items such as: Canvas, Colorable, Media Player, Lights, Sounds, and some other features.

The editor will make this as easy as possible for the creators. You import your model and then select which material will be Canvas or Mediaplayer. You as a creator will just have to make sure you have at least 2 materials to make it work.


i swear that someone will make a catsack with a tellietubie tv kind of torso

workshop is brilliant 5/4


And I would be totally ok with that. Who wouldn’t want a catsack tv for their condo.


Oh awesome, had no idea it was already planned. Keen on the update!


Will said 2.0 editor have that blocked out hitbox idea you mentioned on Discord to me?