Canvas Upload Idea: Upload images direct from PC


I think we need a direct image upload from PC option, kinda tired of flooding my Imgur

Would be more organized with the idea and less image breaking hopefully


I think this may be a good idea.


This unfortunately wouldn’t work as you’d have to somehow host the images in order for other players to see them.

We aren’t interested in making our own image host for various reasons.

The only other solution would be a P2P method but that could lead to major security concerns, and is also a lot of work.


What about uploading to imgur? I don’t think there would be a problem on their end since they offer tools for automatic image uploads.


Eh, I like the system as it is. ShareX is literally a two click process and I’ve got a hotlink to an image, I couldn’t imagine it being much simpler.


Imgur is pretty easy to organise anyway, just make good use of the albums feature to sort your canvas related images and it shouldn’t get in the way of your typical Imgur account.