Canvas Snapping to Other Canvas

After spending a lot of time trying to tile Canvas, I believe it would save potentially hours of time if canvas’ were able to snap with other canvas. It could be a simple checkbox in the same menu as the Edit Look menu. Checking it on will enable snapping with other canvas, leaving it unchecked (unchecked by default) will leave it behaving like normal. (See image for example)

I am trying to tile this seamless lava texture to create a realistic looking lava floor beneath my climbing puzzle. I’ve spent almost an hour trying to place these right, and I’m still not even a 1/5th of the way done.

If canvas’ snapped to other canvas, this could be done in 15-20 minutes, easy. Just look at that ‘Canvas Snapping’ button. It already looks like its implemented. :smile:

In addition to that, this would be a great overall ‘Quality of Life’ improvement for players. It would allow them to create walls and things much easier.


Agreed, but should be also useful for building items.


Yeah, I would agree there. A snap to grid function for building items would be useful too.

@AshGe would approve.


I’ve actually suggested this a lot of times to Mac on discord. But he never responded to the suggestion.

It should be a toggable thing because i could see this getting annoying.

Yeah, it’s a check box. Look at the picture.

This should definitely be a thing for many items, it would make building stuff so much easier. Perfect for perfectionists.